How a local nutrition shop is sculpting women to be stronger and healthier

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HARTSELLE, Ala. – Women’s empowerment has never been more important than it is now and a local nutrition shop knows just what a woman needs to be physically and mentally strong.

William Eaton owner of Eaton Wise Nutrition and Training Wise has had years of figuring out what works well with all different types of bodies and lifestyles, not just his own. Not only is Eaton the reigning Mr. Alabama, but he’s passionate about getting people to their goal, even if it’s not the stage.

Getting to that goal isn’t always easy and it isn’t fast, but he says, failure to prepare is preparing to fail and your desired goal, starts in the kitchen.

Timing can be difficult, with life and work being able to cook isn’t always possible, “Lay out your meals the night before, meal prep the night before, you know when you can find time to do that,” and if you can’t do it the night before, Eaton says, just find the spare time when you can.

A healthy diet isn’t just to lose weight, it’s a way to optimize your health and longevity. Eaton says fueling your body with the right foods won’t only pay off on the scale but, it will give you the right energy for your work outs. But, don’t expect to see results in a week.

“Be consistent and be patient, it’s not going to happen over night, if you don’t see the result you’re looking for in two weeks, four weeks, don’t give up, continue to push forward and try to make those healthy choices and make it a life style change.”

When women seek his advice, Eaton says he often finds that they’re starving themselves and are not eating enough food or drinking enough water throughout the day. “Eating more meals throughout the day is going to speed up your metabolism and feed your body.”

Knowing what to do at the gym can often times be hard and intimidating, but Eaton says just read the instructions, “Many machines show you how to use them and what they target, there’s apps you can download and if you’re still unsure, you can always ask a trainer at the gym to guide you.”

So you’ve applied the knowledge, now it’s time to take it to the gym. Weights, yes ladies weights. They won’t make you look bulky, in fact, they’ll help you sculpt your body to its desired physique that you can tailor to your own body.

“Women are not to just going to magically appear masculine,” Eaton says, “So weight is very relative, what I lift might not be the same as somebody else lifts, so actually feeling the muscle connect with the mind is the most important part of it all.”

While form is everything while lifting, Eaton says that’s not the only thing that will help you in achieving your goals. Sleep and recovery are huge when it comes to how you lose weight and keep it off.

“If you’re not going to repair your muscles, you’re not going to have a clean mind. and you’re actually going to increase your cortisol and cause yourself to have more stress hormones,” Yes, even stress can cause weight gain, “Stress hormones cause increased weight gain, it’s going to cause a lot of different hormonal issues, so definitely rest and recovery is very important.”

At Eaton Wise Nutrition, when you meet with William he works with you individually and knows no plan is one size fits all and he’s there to listen. From blood work to meal plans and supplements, the store front has everything for your healthy journey needs.

If you’re just starting out on your healthy journey, Eaton says, “Start sooner rather than later, don’t say you can’t do it and keep putting it off.” He says he’s here for your success and wants any client male or female to succeed and ultimately live a healthier lifestyle.

Eaton Wise Nutrition is located at 907 Highway 31 SW, Hartselle, Alabama 35640, United States and is open Monday – Friday: 11am – 7pm, Saturday: 10am – 2pm, Sunday: 4pm – 6pm . If you’re interested in learning more about a nutrition plan or training plan click here.

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