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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Great Harvest Bakery is taking away the stigma against bread. Like all yummy foods, moderation is key, but how it’s made is just as important. What sets the bakery apart from the rest, it’s all-natural fresh ingredients and they mill their own wheat weekly.

Owner Sangeetha Bathala says they mill more than 100 pounds of wheat every couple of days.

“We do mill our own wheat, I get the wheat from Montana and I have a mill in the back of the bakery where I mill everything all the time and I use that milled wheat within three to four days of milling it,” Bathala said.

Doing everything in-house gives the bakery the opportunity to not only bake fresh daily but also do all things from scratch and bake smaller quantities.

So, what makes the bread better? It has no added preservatives like the mass-produced ones at the store. At the core of all loaves, there are only five ingredients. Making your craving and indulgence of bread, much better.

“Well, everything I use is natural, water, yeast, salt, honey, and then the flour. That’s the five ingredients I use in all the breads,” Bathala said.

Like all things, there are some loaves that are more indulgent than others, like the cinnamon chip, which has more sugar in it, or the jalapeño loaf that has some dairy products. But, if you’re still on the fence about a healthier loaf, Bathala says there are options.

“My sourdough breads and also my honey whole wheat, that’s my trademark bread,” Bathala said.

The bakery offers more than just bread. They have pastries with the freshest local ingredients, espresso and of course, sandwiches.

Bathala says the best part from her workday, besides tasting the fresh bread daily is the customer reaction.

“They all actually like the taste, especially if they come in the morning when the bread starts getting out of the oven. We do have a sample board here where all the fresh breads are put on a sample board and they get to try a hot bread. That’s probably my favorite time of the day,” Bathala said.

The bakery does sell out often and Bathala does encourage people to come in early for a fresh, baked loaf.