How a gym date can be your new Valentine’s Day plan

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Valentine’s Day may be February 14th, but February is also American Heart Month. Workout Anytime in Huntsville wants both your relationship and heart strong and what better way to do that than working out with that special someone.

This year put down the chocolates and pick up your running shoes and meet your love at the gym for a fun and active session.

David Mateo with Workout Anytime says this may be something that starts for Valentine’s but will ultimately create a habit. “Right now we’re doing a valentines day special where we’re doing workouts for couples, trying to introduce them to different workouts and different plans for health and fitness.”

Many couples take this as a way of catching up on their days events. Whether you’re chatting during a cardio session, giving each other positive affirmations or challenging one another to see who can squat the lowest, Mateo says working out with your partner is another way to bond.

“It’s very healthy and I think that coming here to the gym and doing it together is a very healthy practice,” Mateo said.

While you’re getting that workout in, you’ll be burning tons of calories and working up an appetite, so sometimes anything sounds good right after a workout.

Valentine’s Day is a day that’s surrounded by sugar and many delectable entrees. Whether it’s breadsticks or sweets you crave, Mateo says if you can’t skip on the chocolate this year, there’s another healthy way to indulge.

“You can do dark chocolate, you know dark chocolate is really good for your heart. Also, you can eliminate a lot of your artificial sugars, so going that route is good as well. I like to say that you can always have a cheat day so, for Valentine’s Day, it’s ok to cheat, just do it in increments where it’s healthy for you.

Allowing yourself those cheat days, every once in a while is key. Mateo says the journey to a healthier life style starts in the kitchen and then from there everything falls into place, sometimes the hardest part is getting to the gym.

Mateo says, 90% of people get discouraged because when they get to the gym they see everyone who is in shape and ready to go. But, he says it’s a marathon and not a sprint, the number one thing is showing up, “I think the main thing we need to focus on is just getting here and letting everything else go from there.”

All the couples workouts can be performed with your significant other or alone, but Mateo says the push of having someone with you on the journey is just as motivating and important to your success.

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