Fitness made fun with Bungee’s

Wellness Wednesday

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Finding motivation to workout isn’t always the easiest to do, and a workout plan can get dull or boring. But what about flying through the air like “Peter Pan” and defying gravity. Well get ready to sweat, laugh and be sore.

Wellness Wednesday this week took us to 24/7 health club where you can try Defying Gravity Bungee Fitness Training. The program began in Huntsville in 2018 and was the first one offered in the south and remains the only one certified by the national association of sports medicine.

Now, before you give the program a try, there are a couple of things you need to do. Kristen Bernard, Group Fitness Manager at 24/7 Health Club, says they’ll need your height and weight before your first class. “That way we can fit them into the proper harness and make sure they’re comfortable,” Bernard said.

While the class may seem intimidating to most, it’s tons of fun for anyone who is willing to try it.

“We wanted to attract those athletes who love fitness but wanted something new to try, but also we wanted to attract those people that absolutely hate exercise and maybe they can find something new and fun to do that keeps them healthy.”

The best thing about the program, it’s fun and you’ll feel like a kid again. But, Bernard says don’t let that fool you, the program was designed to be as intensive as any other workout.

To make sure you’re comfortable for your first time, Bernard says you’ll take an introductory class withother first timers to get the rhythm and basic movements down.

When you’re ready to fly, you’ll be surprised at how winded you can get.

“First of all you’re going to get your heart rate up, you’re going to get that cardio in there. People find that surprising because they’re having so much fun. They’re laughing, they’re flying through the air and the next thing they know they’re out of breath and their heart rate is up but we also wanted to make sure that we got them a lot of core work in there, flexibility, mobility, balance and then of course strength training.”

For some people, this may be their first workout ever. But, the great thing is, Bernard says she’s seen people develop great form because of the harness and bungee cord. The other unique part about the program, the bungee’s and harnesses were created especially for the class with a front and back point connection.

“That gives us twice as many moves that we can do and when you’re in that front point connection and you’re having to hold yourself in the air or hold yourself still with balance, it really incorporates a lot of core work also when you’re flying or you’re pushing yourself off the ground, even though the bungee is doing a lot of the work for you and making it easier, you’re actually surprised at how much core work that actually involves.”

So, if this seems like something you want to do, give it a try! Bernard says advise them before hand if you have any joint or medical issues and they can accommodate almost anyone at any fitness level.