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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Exposing the body to extreme cold temperatures is just one form of therapy a wellness studio is bringing to the Tennessee Valley. New Edge Therapy in Huntsville will offer cryotherapy and other complementary services that focus on health and wellness.

Did we mention there will also be a mobile unit that will come to you? Yes, you read that right, cryotherapy brought directly to you.

Karen Wu, founder of New Edge Therapy said it all started right before the pandemic. She had a herniated disk in her neck and had to travel hours just to get treatment.

“I was in a lot, a lot of pain, and I couldn’t get any relief. I had already tried medicine and surgery was my next option. I didn’t want to try that yet, I wanted to try something that was minimally invasive,” Wu told News 19.

Cryotherapy has many benefits including chronic pain relief, reduced inflammation, rapid muscle recovery, improved skin condition, improved circulation and much more.

“It helps in reduction of inflammation as well as other things, such as pain management, sports recovery, athletic performance, it even helps with collagen production,” Wu said.

When Wu felt just how effective the therapy was, she got to thinking, “We needed something much closer to North Alabama,” and she knew for the treatment to be effective, she had to keep up with it.

New Edge’s mobile unit will offer four premium wellness services, cryosauna, localized cryotherapy, compression massage and electrical muscle stimulation.

“Huntsville and the surrounding area has so many wonderful sports activities and events that they host, that the mobile unit can bring Cryo to anybody, anywhere, anytime,” Wu explained.

Mark Prestriedge, Vice President of Operations says having both options will not only give customers better results, but it’s also something that needs to be done regularly.

“It’s something that’s to be integrated into your everyday schedule,” Prestriedge said, “Or any kind of wellness, it helps with mood improvement, energy boosts, it can help some people with sleep, just overall wellness. It doesn’t have to be just for pain management or any kind of sports,” Wu said.

New Edge’s mission is to bring innovative, non-invasive, pain-relief services to the community when and where they need it.

The wellness studio is set to open in Summer 2022, pending no pandemic delays and the mobile unit will open in Spring 2022.

The mobile unit can be reserved for sporting events, health-related offices or corporate events. To book, call 256-800-CRYO (2796).

Once opened, the storefront at 2007 Whitesburg Drive, Suite A will offer, whole body cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy, cryotherapy facials, infrared sauna, red light therapy, dry float bed, facials, contouring, aqua massage and vibration plates.

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