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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Sometimes we all hit that low point in our workout. Whether we’re bored with the routine or have lost all energy. This week for Wellness Wednesday I visited a Huntsville gym that will get your adrenaline going and take your workout to new heights.

High Point Climbing and Fitness in Huntsville is re-imagining how you stay active by rock climbing.

While it may seem scary or too difficult, Assistant General Manager Rylee Anderson says the adrenaline makes you forget you’re even exercising.

“It’s a really fun workout, it is a work out so it’s not super easy, so you will feel tired afterward, but it’s definitely worth it,” Anderson said.

When you walk into the gym, you’ll notice that all the “rock walls,” are filled with different color holds, it’s not colorful just for looks. The assortment of colors serves a purpose. Each route follows one set of colored holds and is rated for how difficult it is to climb.

Every month and a half, all the climbs in the gym are changed to really challenge members, Anderson says it’s less about heights and more about physical activity and problem-solving.

“So not only are you going up the wall, you have to figure out how you’re body movement is making it the easiest for you to get up the wall, and what position you need to be in,” Anderson said.

As you walk in for the first time to start your rock climbing experience at High Point you go through a 15 minute orientation and from there, you’re all set to climb! I was lucky enough to have my first go at rock climbing, with my Executive Producer, who gave helpful tips when it came to my first climb.

I was able to try top-roping and bouldering you may wonder what the experience was like, it was tiring, exhilarating and rewarding all in one, Joe even guided me on one of the scarier ones, telling me where to place my hands and what foot to move next.

Anderson says the competition between other climbers and herself is what makes the experience all worth it, “You’re really challenging yourself and bettering yourself and how you think and how you move,” Anderson said.

High Point offers more than just rock climbing, they also have a full-functioning gym. If you’re unsure, you can always try a day pass before getting a membership.