A South Huntsville Boutique that has state of the art eye exams

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Your eyewear is just as much a part of your style as it is a way to help you see the world. Kelley’s Optical and Boutique has Alabama’s only digital eye exams in the state.

Kelley Cornelius has been in the business and an optician for over 30 years, so for her to have this technology says, “It’s not only cost-effective, but it really is a way for me to help my patients in the most comfortable environment,” Cornelius told News 19.

Cornelius says while there is no optometrist in-house, “With the technology from 2020NOW we’re able to be the first in Alabama to have remote optometry available to the patients.”

When you first walk in, you’ll see a normal-looking boutique, cute clothing, jewelry pieces, and of course, glasses. But, head straight to the back and it’s a whole eye exam area.

Cornelius says the patient still comes in for their general eye exam, they do the patient paperwork and all things like they would at a normal optometry center, but the optometrist and technicians are on screen.

Jamie Albino, a clinical applications trainer with 2020NOW says when patients first hear about it they are skeptical but after their visit and seeing how seamless everything flows together, they are won over.

“Patients will say things like, ‘My last exam was very thorough,’ so even if they are a little apprehensive at first by the end of the exam they are walking out happy, satisfied ready to buy glasses,” Albino says.

So, what does a visit to Kelley’s Optical and Boutique look like?

“We’re taking pictures of the back of the eye, retina, the optic nerve, making sure there is no damage, if the patient is diabetic, if they might be a suspect for glaucoma, the front of the eyes, is the cornea healthy, the lids and lashes,” Albino said.

The images are sent to the optometrists for review, then a technician phones in through a video conference where they can control the machines remotely, once that’s done the doctor comes on and answers all of the patient’s questions.

That’s another thing, Cornelius has tons of eyewear to choose from that will match anyone’s style. From kids selection to his and hers, she’s got everything covered, there’s even a coffee and tea bar while you wait, or shop around.

You may be wondering, why combine a boutique and an optical center?

“I think that this gives it a more comfortable, personal atmosphere for the patients. There are also other things to do, it’s not, you know you can shop for clothing, candles, jewelry items. It’s not a cold sterile environment, it’s a very warm welcoming and we just feel like our patients will become a part of our family,” Cornelius said.

Kelley’s Optical and Boutique takes almost all insurances, if it’s not listed the optical and boutique does its best to sign up for somebody’s insurance. If you would like to book your eye exam, click here.

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