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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Your heart, the muscle at the center of your circulation system, pumping blood around your body, its rate is important to meeting your fitness goals.

On April 2nd, 24E in Huntsville will be debuting its newest class, Logic. Which will have state-of-the-art, real-time feedback that will change how you meet your fitness goals.

“We use real-time tracking on your heart rate to make sure we can accommodate for your fitness goals and needs. So whatever you need to do we can kind of help guide you to where you want to go,” Zeke Kelley, Logic Manager at 24E told News 19.

The coaches of Logic are determined to give you an experience like no other. Kelley said, “Logic is a heart-based interval training, heart rate monitors are attached to your body.”

Once those numbers start to come up on the screen, coaches like Kelley, start to adjust each person’s individual workouts.

“We address the workout and change the workout for you and how your heart rate fluctuates. What you’re doing right, so if you’re trying to burn fat we have more of a fat-burning zone, if you want to burn more carbs off your body we know what percentage to get your heart rate in,” Kelley said.

With the Myzone group fitness tracking software, classes can become more personalized as each person’s heart rate pops up on the monitor. While it’s a class setting, each person in there has a different goal.

He added with trainers walking throughout the class, you’ll never be lost in what you’re doing and anything can be modified to your ability.

“You can sit there and walk on a treadmill all day but you’re not going to be motivated doing it. In here you’re going to get the same results except we’re going to be sitting there and cheering you on. Everyone is going to be a part of it,” Kelley explained.

But, Kelley says it’s not always the lack of motivation, “We’ve had a lot of members who need childcare, so we made sure to do the classes during a time where you can get a workout and have someone watch your kids. So you don’t have to worry, we’re here for you in more ways than just the gym.”

Kelley says he and the coaches are there for you, all you need to do is show up.

“I want you to learn how to work out, I want you to have fun, I want to burn calories, I want to get a sweat, I want to build a family and a community, but I want you to live a long, happy life and that you know, it’s fitness,” he added.

Logic will have its grand opening on Saturday, April 2nd, with a logic class at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m., those who come will have the chance at receiving a door prize, gift cards and other special offers.

Logic is part of the 24E membership, to see how to become a member and change how you reach your fitness goals, click here.