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HUNTSVILLE Ala. – M.E.R.C Fitness Asylum is a new gym that takes the word “can’t” and turns it into “can.” Getting fit is a marathon, not a sprint and the process can be intimidating, but owner Saul Robinson is setting up his members for success.

MERC may seem like your average gym, but there is so much more that lies under the surface. Robinson says first things first, leave your ego at that door then get to basics.

“M.E.R.C stands for Make Every Rep Count and we apply that to everything we do, not just with one rep or 15 reps. We really drive home the focus, good form and technique,” Robinson said.

The gym is located at 2288 Zierdt Rd SW Suite 103/104Huntsville, Al. 35824.

Robinson says once opened, there will be staff there 24 hours a day to help members with whatever questions they have. The gym has qualified trainers in all types of fitness and specialties, the team even has an in-house chef.

You heard that right, a chef. Aside from offering Boxing/Kickboxing, Women’s low and high impact fitness classes, Zumba, Strength training, as well as nutrition, they offer a dietary class.

So what’s a dietary class? Think of like a healthy cooking class with a chef!

“She’s going to be preparing meals, it’s going to be open to the public, not just members. The public we’re going to require a five dollar fee to come in and we’re probably going to offer three or four classes in that day on a Saturday or Sunday and just teach the benefits of a good balanced meal.”

Robinson says the chef can prepare meals for you, but he’s noticed people like to do things on their own and that ends up turning into a healthy habit.

Whether you’re there to pump iron, take an all woman’s class or really understand the science of diet and nutrition, Robinson says he’s there to set his members up for success that will pay off in the long run.

“Understanding what you’re seeing and applying it to your nutrition is what we plan on doing. Not just leaving a void of I want to lift weights, but how am I going to get there,” once you sign up, you have the opportunity to meet with a trainer who can help you better understand your needs.

“You don’t have to sign up with a gym, but we want to make sure you understand and we can help you.”

The owner and trainer knows that not everyone’s schedule has the ability to allow them to get to the gym during normal operating hours, “Many people from the Arsenal would say they needed a gym to go to when they got off of work and there was none in this area” and once he saw that they were developing in the area, “I knew it was the perfect place to put a gym.”

The gym is set to open on Saturday April 3, 2021. If you join in the month of April, you pay $24 for a membership and after April, $34.

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