MADISON, Ala – LifeSouth is asking for people to consider donating blood on Giving Tuesday.

People who donate on November 29 will receive a $10 eGift card that is redeemable at the retailer of their choice. Plasma donors will receive an additional $20 eGift card. All donors will receive a mini-physical that includes blood pressure, temperature, iron level and a cholesterol screen.

Donors must be 17 or 16 with parental permission, weigh a minimum of 110 pounds and be in good health. People also need to bring their photo ID. For more information about donating, visit the LifeSouth website.

LifeSouth’s Rebecca Cecil says a decrease in blood donations over the holiday season can cause blood to drop to emergency levels. Donated blood helps victims of accidents, patients having surgeries or those undergoing treatment for cancer and other illnesses.

Giving Tuesday will be offering incentives to donate beyond Giving Tuesday. Cecil stresses the importance for people to give, not just on November 29 or the holiday season, but all year long.