FLORENCE, Ala (WHNT) — The University of North Alabama (UNA) took time to light its iconic Harrison Fountain just in time for spring with a little help from a local congressman.

The university had Rep. Robert Aderholt flip the switch for its annual Light the Fountain event Thursday Night.

UNA Vice President Of Student Affairs Dr. K.C. White said the event is meant to represent the beginning of spring on campus and brings food, music, and more to campus for the ceremony.

“The campus community and the broader Shoals community look forward to this annual event as the return of spring and warmer weather on campus,” she said. “The community gets to celebrate in this special event with us, and students enjoy a bit of a party on the plaza after the lighting has taken place. UNA is a beautiful place, and Light the Fountain celebrates this special time of year.”

UNA President Ken Kitts said the university was honored to have Aderholt, a former student, back on campus to take part in the event.

“Congressman Aderholt has worked tirelessly on behalf of the University, even before his
district included the institution,” Kitts said. “Welcoming him back to campus as a former student who now represents UNA at the federal level is an opportunity to share some of the traditions that make the University the special place that it is and continues to be for new generations of students.”

Kitts said the event is an important part of the university’s calendar and his staff always works to make it unique each year.

“I have a great staff and I give them the challenge to figure out a way to do something different each year and they’ve done it,” he said. “It will continue to grow and it’s something that our entire UNA family looks forward to every year.”