U.S. Navy establishes Military Parental Leave Program, hopes to recruit and keep Sailors

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UNITED STATES — One military branch modified their parental leave policy by combining and increasing the current family leave policy late June as one to help new and current members. NAVADMIN 151/18, an unclassified new releases, explained the purpose of the newly added initiative.

The U.S. Navy said the Military Parental Leave Program aligns with a recently released Department of Defense guidline in relations to the leave subject. They added the newly introduced program effects all active duty Sailors, Reserve Sailors who were performing active duties or mobilized more than 12 continuous months and parents who are qualified for birth or adoption on, or after, December 23, 2016.

According to NAVADMIN151/18, the following family leave categories are listed and defined as:

Maternity Convalescent Leave – 6 weeks (42 days) of non-chargeable leave period for the Sailor who gives birth, commencing the first full day after a Sailor is released from the hospital following a birth.

Primary Caregiver Leave – 6 weeks (42 days) of non-chargeable leave period for the parent who gives birth or is designated with primary responsibility for caring for the child or children following a birth or adoption.

Secondary Caregiver Leave – Increased from 10 to 14 days (2 weeks)  of non-chargeable leave period for the parent not designated with primary responsibility for caring for the child following birth or adoption.

Additionally, the Navy said members who are three months in deployment would normally have to defer executing Primary and Secondary Caregiver Leave upon return, however, commanding officers may authorize members to take parental leave depending on the circumstances.

Aside from the DoD rules, the Navy saw the changes fit to help new and current Sailors, as part of their Sailor 2025’s goal.

To learn and find out more about the leave policies, click the YouTube link: Weekly Wire Rundown: Parental Leave Program and Summer Safety or read the NAVADMIN151/18 document.

The following programs – which form the new, single program – were Adoption Leave MILPERSMAN 1050-420, Paternity Leave MILPERSMAN 1050-430 and Maternity Leave MILPERSMAN 1050-435.

The Military Parent Leave Program MILPERSMAN 1050-415 will be published at a later date.

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