DECATUR, Ala (WHNT) — A North Alabama woman had an extra special reunion Monday with someone that she met as a pen pal in fifth grade.

Christine Jackson met Ann Sprott through their Brownie troops 66 years ago and the two have kept that friendship going ever since despite living four thousand miles away from one another.

Jackson, who is from Moulton, said that the friendship between her is Sprott, who is from Scotland, came pretty easily.

“We just kind of clicked,” Jackson said. “We are a lot alike, don’t you think?” Spott added an enthusiastic nod.

The pair began their friendship in 1957.

“We wrote letters,” Jackson said. “It took six weeks for a letter to arrive and six weeks for it to come back so it was a long time to wait.”

Those letters consistently brought the two of them closer and closer together

“Just grew up like normal teenagers,” Sprott said “schools, boyfriends, weddings…”

As they grew up and went through huge life events, Sprott and Jackson may not have been physically next to each other, but they were right there in spirit, sending all their love and support.

“I was getting married, in church getting ready to walk down the aisle.,” Jackson said. “Somebody ran up to me with a telegram and it was from Ann wishing me luck. That meant a lot to me. I was already a basket case and that finished me off.”

They said that also included when they had children.

“Ann knitted me sweaters every time I had a baby,” Jackson said.

“Well that was only four,” Sprott added.

Since Jackson was first able to visit Sprott in the United Kingdom, the two have visited each other multiple times. Their reunion at a Decatur restaurant on Monday, however, carries a bit more weight.

“I was going to tell you this is probably the last time we’ll see each other,” Jackson said.”Because I can’t go. I’ve got Parkinson’s Disease and I can’t fly to see her.”

“Getting older, so we’ll just make the most of this one,” Sprott said. “See how we’re going from here.”

The two said it’s sometimes difficult for them to communicate with things like Messenger, as neither is great with a computer, but they still enjoy writing an old-fashioned letter.