Whitney Miles Theatrics Wins $319 For Her Classroom At West Morgan Elementary

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – This Morgan County teacher adds a dramatic flair to her lessons. 

That’s Whitney Miles, she teaches at West Morgan Elementary. 

Her fellow faculty members say her exuberant personality makes learning fun.

“She is very animated with her students. She has a history and background in theatre and has worked in that area before,” said Principal Becky Burt.

Miles teaches as well as performs for her students daily. 

“Very dramatic and ties all those things in with her teaching.” said Burt.

And Mrs. Miles says she LOVES her students. 

“This the best class I have ever had.” said Miles. “This is a good group of boys and girls.”

Her kids are eager to extend a helping hand.

“I see someone drop something, two or three will rush to help them pick up their pencils or crayons.” said Burt. “They are very helpful to each other is probably my favorite thing about them.”

She says her students are very kind. 

She tells her students, “if you see people that needs help, help them.”

Whitney Miles was very grateful to win $319 for her classroom. 

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