Video submission wins Alexa Johnson $319 for her class at Russellville Elementary

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. – Alexa Johnson shows us that being a great teacher goes beyond the curriculum.

Ms. Johnson teaches third grade reading at Russellville Elementary School.

Her coworkers say she is a natural when it comes to teaching.

“What stands out to me is she is a natural-born teacher,” said Principal Kristie Ezzell.

Johnson was nominated for a video sent in by her student,  Pablo.


The video is described as ‘too good not to share’.

“It’s just too good not to share. When I watched it for the first time, this is what it’s all about. This is why we go into teaching,” said Ezzell. Click here for video

The video shows Pablo filled with excitement and you will never guess why.

Pablo tied his own shoe all by himself with his favorite teacher cheering him on.

“There is nothing like seeing a child just find those little victories throughout the day. Pablo is such a special student and you know we had a connection from the start and just to be able to teach him to tie his shoes just made my job all the better,” said Johnson.

And his classmates joined in on the celebration.

What did Pablo learn from tying his shoe?

“Never give up.”

Meteorologist Ben Smith asked Pablo what makes Mrs. Johnson a special teacher.

“She is the best teacher I ever saw and I wish I could stay in Mrs. Johnson class forever,” said Pablo.

Alexa Johnson was thrilled to receive the well deserved $319.


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