Tharptown Elementary’s Brooke Harris wins $319 for 4th Grade Reading Class

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. – This tenacious teacher never gives up on her students. 

That’s Brooke Harris, she teaches 4th grade reading at Tharptown Elementary. 

Her fellow faculty memebers say she really makes a difference in the lives of her kids. 

“We are very proud of the job you are doing and we thank you for educating the future and making a difference in the lives of kids,” said Principal Karen Thorn.

They say Harris is very hard working. 

“She is very tenacious. She is not going to give up on a student.” said Thorn.

She makes sure to help her students however she can. 

“Like a little mother bird, just continually looking and continually seeing what does everybody need and what is it going to take for everyday to be successful in my classroom.”

Mrs. Harris was thrilled to win $319 for her classroom.

“We will get us some more chrome books.” said Harris.

“We have a great group of kids here at Tharptown. They are eager to learn, they love to read which we get really excited about,” said Harris. 

For Mrs. Harris, there is no doubt she’s in the perfect spot.

“I am called to do this job and I am blessed to get to come do it everyday,” said Harris.

Mrs. Harris wants her students to never stop learning. 

“I want them to be life long learners, but I also want to be good people and care about others. I want them to make good decisions in and out of the classroom,” said Harris.


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