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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – The last stretch of a long and loving career in teaching deserves a celebration.

Say hello to Sharon Childress. This is her final year teaching 2nd grade at Claysville School.

According to the Principal, Childress has done so much to improve the school atmosphere and the students love her.

“They light up when she is around. She has asked me several times not to do anything special for her. We will see what happens at the end of the year to really spotlight her for all the years that she has really contributed to our county school and to our school.” said Principal Tenna Aderton.

How about a big surprise now? Another special teacher at Claysville nominated Mrs. Childress for all her hard work.

Tina Wright teaches third grade next to Mrs. Childress. She wrote in!

That’s Mrs. Tina Wright. She teaches next door to Mrs. Childress and nominated her for the Tools For Teachers award.

“She is a great teacher. She has been my best friend here my mentor here. I dread to see her go. I’ve learned a lot from her and I think she is a fantastic teacher.” said Mrs. Wright.

Mrs. Childress was thrilled to win $319 and her message to her class is a great one.

“Always be kind, but always be eager to learn more and always know there is something out there that you will find that will make your heart sing and whatever that is, follow it.” said Childress.

Great advice as Mrs. Childress ends her wonderful career.

“I never would dreamed this in a million years.” said Childress.

“Congratulations! I know you are almost done and we are going to send you off in style!” said WHNT’s News 19 Meteorologist Ben Smith.

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