Samantha Childers Wins $319 For Her Third Math Class At Albertville Elementary

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – In Albertville, we caught up with a special teacher who is a firm believer that everyone can be good at Math.

“When I go by her classroom from bell to bell she is teaching,” says Albertville Elementary Principal Mona Sheets. She’s complimenting Samantha Childers who teaches third grade math.

“She is very innovative very creative like a morning jam when they all get up and dance and kind of get the day going.” said Sheets.

Seeing Mrs. Childers, it’s easy to see the passion and excitement. 

“It’s the most awesome thing I get to do. It’s a privilege to teach these kids math. I love it,” said Childers.

“Everyone can be good at math. Everyone can succeed,” believes Childers. “Mistakes are proof that you are trying and that is all that I ask of them is try their very best and we learn from our mistakes and we grow and we get better and they leave here and they are awesome math students.”

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