Robin Word wins $319 for classroom at Priceville Junior High

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala – A teacher in Priceville likes to show her students the wild side of science.

That’s Agri-science teacher, Robin Word. She teaches at Priceville Junior High School.

Her peers say her teaching style is exactly what the school needs.

“She just helps to build that morale and that culture of grit and learning that we are looking for,” said Principal Ashley McColloch.

The principal says Robin unlocks student’s potential by helping them find their niche.

“She is passionate about kids learning so she is very vested in the kids to find a niche in education so they are successful,” said McColloch.

Robin was very excited to be nominated for Tools for Teacher and winning $319.

“That’s awesome!” said Robin.

“It makes me feel valued and appreciated and that is really the climate we have here at Priceville Junior High,” said Robin Word.

Robin Word says she brings her expertise from California to Alabama. She said she loves hands-on learning and that her student enjoys this educational environment.

“We have a 450-gallon aquaculture tank where the students raise catfish or tilapia,” said Word.

Miss Word knows the importance of Alabama’s fishing outfit.

“Because fisheries are a huge industry I thought it would be a good idea for the kids to get a jump start on that type of curriculum. The temperature for tilapia needs to be around 70 degrees which is perfect because we are also going to have rabbits in here as well have a breeding ground with rabbits.”

There are plenty of choices in agri-science. It’s much more than pencil and paper.

“We’ve had students build gun racks we’ve had students build fishing pole stands cabinets, some teachers have asked to build cabinets and fix their doors.”

Congratulations Robin Word for winning $319 for her classroom!

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