Quick action outside of Abbie Broam's classroom wins her $319

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – This Limestone County teacher treats her students like family.

Abbie Broam is a third-grade teacher at Creekside Elementry.

The school’s Principal says Abbie loves her students and makes her classroom feel very special.

“I have an awesome staff. That’s what makes Creekside so special. When you go into her classroom it is a family atmosphere.” said Principal Dana Rhinehart.

A parent nominated Mrs. Broam for her excellence inside the classroom but also her quick action outside of the classroom.

The Principal said that a student was injured on the playground but Broam sprung into the action.

“It’s a scary time anytime you have a student that gets hurt,” said Rhinehart.

Abbie Broam says her students were in PE and she was in a room by myself when she got a call that Kinley got hurt on the playground.

Broam said she checked on Kinley and stayed with her until the ambulance came. Broam’s encouragement helped Kinley, her student, stay brave. She said Kinley went to the hospital, got checked out, went home and a couple of days later she had healed up.

Broam says she was able to visit visited her in the hospital.

Kinley’s mother wrote in showing gratitude to Mrs. Broam.

Looking at her now, you’d never know anything happened.

“Now I am happy and now I am fine,” said Kinley.

And the student had a special surprise as Kinley headed up.

“The whole class made her cards and other classes made her cards too so she is very well-loved here at Creekside,” said Broam.

What a gesture by her classmates and a teaching moment for Mrs. Broam.

“Writing a card to somebody that got hurt and that’s really what matters. I want them actually to take that with them. We are a family. They all know that and we act like that every single day,” said Broam.

Broam was thrilled to win $319 for her classroom.

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