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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. – You might have to wait in line for this Lincoln County teacher’s class. 

That’s Nikki Franklin. She teaches Pre-K at Flintville School. 

Fellow faculty members say she’s goofy, the kids love her and she really loves her students. 

“She is a hoot. She is a lot of fun, comedian, class clown, but she is a true professional. She loves her kids and she loves what she does,” said Principal Dr. David Golden.  

If you want Mrs. Nikki to be your teacher, Principal Dr. David Golden says you might be out of luck.

“Every year there is a waiting list anywhere between 5,10,15 waiting to get in her class.” Said Golden.

Mrs. Nikki is in high demand. 

Assistant Principal Terri Smith says she is always helping her four-year-old to be their best selves. 

“They know how to line up, how to ask questions, how to wait their turn how to go to the cafeteria – she does a great job preparing them for Kindergarten,” said Smith. 

Mrs. Nikki was thrilled to win $319 for the class she says keeps her young. 

“We are busy doing learning centers and singing songs and dancing. They keep me young,” said Franklin. 

A parent nominated Mrs. Nikki. 

The parent said, “Mrs. Nikki is smiling, dancing, loving our children from the drop off to pick up every day. My son is thrilled to have her every day.

“These 4-year-olds are my world. I wouldn’t have this job without them. They make it worth coming to work every day,” said Franklin. 

Mrs. Nikki says her students are very special to her. 

“I’ll cry about them because I love them so much like they are my own kids. This makes me so happy! I never win anything.”

Assistant Principal Terri Smith, Nikki Franklin, and Principal Dr. David Golden

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