Nicole White wins $319 for her class at Highland Rim in Lincoln County

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LINCOLN COUNTY, TN – Right across the Alabama-Tennessee line is a teacher who rocks, according to her students.

Nicole White is a 3rd-grade teacher at Highland Rim in Lincoln County.

The principal and staff say Ms. White is a delightful asset to the classroom.

“In the room, she’s magical.  She is top notch. If there is a rock star in teaching at Highland Rim she is right there as one of those rock stars,” said Principal Billy Owens.

The students say they have fun and always celebration big and small successes.

I asked Mrs. White, “What’s her secret?”

“If you love the students and love what you do it just makes it a lot easier to come to work every day,” said Mrs. White.

It was easy to see that Mrs. White loves her students.

“Knowing they are special and they are loved and they can do so many things. That`s what I want them to know.”

Mrs. White was thrilled to receive $319 for her class at Highland Rim.


Congratulations, Nicole White!

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