Melody Hagood wins $319 for her classroom at Chestnut Grove Elementary

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala – This Morgan County teacher shows her students that mistakes happen in life as well as in math.

Melody Hagood teaches fourth-grade math at Chestnut Grove Elementary in Decatur. Her classroom is a tropical paradise and the Principal had nothing but good things to say about Melody Hagood.

“She is a Mama. She just loves on them,” said Principal Mark Christopher.

Mrs. Hagood is very creative when it comes to decorating her classroom and creating a fun class environment.

“One thing Mrs. Hagood does is creates a wonderful culture inside our classroom. When you go into her room you can see it’s decorated in a fun way everyone is engaged in activities for her kids,” said Christopher.

This is school is great.

“I love it and I am biased so I was actually a student here. The year the school opened I was in 3rd grade at Chestnut Grove so this is my first year as principal here,” said Christopher.

“The kids feel safe, they feel loved in class. She makes math fun which can be difficult at times for all kids,” said Christopher.

Mrs. Hagood didn’t take all the credit on the recognition.

“I have to say they helped me earn that $319,” said Hagood.

A parent wrote in the nomination for Mrs. Hagood. 

“They must be going home and saying something good about me,” said Hagood.

Mrs. Hagood wants her students to understand that at times, bumps in the road happen.

“Not just in math but in life, we are going to make mistakes, but we have to learn from them. We have to work together not against each other but for each other,” said Hagood.

And keep moving!

“As long as we keep trying and working at it we are going to be awesome. They are turning into little men and women.”

Mrs. Hagood was very grateful to win $319.

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