Melanie Kelso wins $319 for her Pre-K class in Lincoln County

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LINCOLN COUNTY, TN. – Right across the Alabama-Tennessee state line is a teacher who goes above and beyond for her students.

Melanie Kelso is a Pre-K teacher at Stone Bridge Academic Center in Fayetteville. Fellow faculty members say everything Mrs. Kelso does is for her students.

They say she is a hard worker.

“She is very energetic, she goes above and beyond doing things for the kids. It`s all about the kids in her classroom,” said Lincoln County Pre-K Coordinator Kathy Ward.

Sounds like Mrs. Kelso is a valued teacher.

Mrs. Kelso was thrilled to be nominated and she won $319.

We asked Mrs. Kelso about how is it teaching these youngsters.

“Short attention span so lots of changes, lots of transitions, lots of excitement, and just keeping their mind occupied and busy,” said Mrs. Kelso.

That translates to a lively, wonderful atmosphere in Mrs. Kelso’s class.

“Lots of hands-on learning, lots of friendship skills and a lot of working with each other to get a task done,” said Kelso.

On the recognition, “That means a lot you come to school every day and you give it your all and you love your job it`s not a job but when a parent recognizes that it’s pretty outstanding I am very appreciative.”

By the way, teaching does run in the family.

“I am a third generation Lincoln County teacher. My grandmother was a teacher in this county, my aunt was a teacher in this county, so I grew up in a teaching family so I guess it`s in the blood. It`s what we do!” said Kelso.

Congratulations, Melanie Kelso!

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