Lynn Newton wins $319 for class at Lauderdale County High School

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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. – Lauderdale County is home to a teacher that creates lasting bonds with her students.

Lynn Newton teaches third grade at Lauderdale County High School in Rogersville.

Her fellow faculty members say the students gravitate towards her and she teaches them valuable life lessons.

“Always tie something with the lesson with something in her life and the kids just gravitate toward that,” said Assistant Principal Casey Tate.

A parent noticed her motivation and nominated Ms. Newton.

“It’s a huge honor it just shows we do have teachers doing great things and the parents notice that,” said Tate.

Newton says her students keep her motivated.

“The relationships that really keeps me coming and keeps me motivated. I have been teaching in public schools for 22 years,” said Newton.

The relationship she’s built with students has lasted through the years and she even attends their special events.

“Gone to weddings of a lot of my students. I have a lot of families I have close relationships with still today,”  said Newton.

Brianna McDonald Childers wrote in and said Mrs. Newton helped her son realize his potential.

“I had her son Ryan in 6th grade. I don’t think Ryan realized his talent. An artist, an expert artist and I don’t think he realized his mathematical potential,” said Newton.

Mrs. Newton helped to unlock Ryan’s talent.

“In high school and taking two advanced math classes at one time which is amazing,” said Newton.

Lynn Newton was thrilled to win $319 for her class.

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