Kimberly Pratt wins $319 for her classroom at Columbia Elementary

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – This elementary school teacher describes her students as the best in Alabama and even the country. 

Kimberly Pratt teaches second grade at Columbia Elementary School in Madison. 

Fellow faculity members say the students love Mrs. Pratt. 

“The kids love her. They’ll do things for her that they might not do for anyone else because she takes the time to build relationships with them,” said Assistant Principal Kimberly Massey.

Pratt gives her students Ben Smith approved advice. 

“Weathermen say not to drive on the road once it’s flooded.” said Kimberly Pratt.

But that’s not all, she teaches her students that they shouldn’t be scared of challenges because hard times help us grow. 

“My kids are the best ever. I think the best second graders in the state of Alabama and the country of the United States. They are so sweet and they are so loving and they work so very hard for me,” said Pratt.

She says she teachers her students as if they were her own kids. 

“I remember they are someone’s baby and they are somebody’s child and I teach the way I want someone else to teach my own children.” said Pratt.

Pratt wants her students to stay sweet and be proud of who they are. 

“Always be proud of who they are and what they know and always be very, very kind to others,” said Pratt. 

Kimberly Pratt was speechless and moved to tears when Ben Smith handed her 319 dollars for her class. 

Pratt was very grateful to help her class even more. 

“Their kids go to school happy and come home happy. That is really sweet.” said Pratt.

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