Jana Kennamer wins $319 for her 1st grade class at D.A.R.

Tools for Teachers
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GRANT, Ala. – A  teacher from Grant has impacted young students for years.

Say hello to D.A.R.’s Jana Kennamer.

Kennamer has taught 1st grade for over two decades and has a classroom full of students ready to learn.

The D.A.R.’s Principal has nothing but praise for the dedicated teacher.

“Loves to teach – gets so much out of her kids on a daily basis. She just wants them to be smarter at the end of the day than when they got to school that morning,”  said Principal Keith Buchanan.

He acknowledged that teachers don’t always receive enough praise.

“Teachers don`t always get the recognition that they deserve, and we are very proud she got recognized for this,” said Buchanan.

Kim Smith nominated Jana Kennamer for the Tools For Teachers Award.

On our way to surprise Mrs. Kennamer, we met Kim Smith. Ms. Smith is the student counselor that nominated Jana Kennamer for the award.

“Some teachers just work so so hard and to get that extra pat on the back really makes their day.” said Smith.

Smith noted that Kennamer is very deserving of the $319.

Jana Kennamer was very grateful for the extra cash for her 1st-grade class and spoke very highly of her students.

“They are special and they mean a lot to me and I want them to really enjoy reading and I want them to find books they like to read and I want them to find a way for them to make a difference in the world. If they know how important they are, they`ve got talents and they have got gifts that are going to be helpful to everybody,” said Kennamer.

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