Heather Bowen Wins $319 For Her Classroom At Brooks Elementary

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KILLEN, Ala. – “We had heard good things,” remembers Brooks Elementary School Principal Addam Moody. He’s talking about third grade teacher Heather Bowen. “She is an astonishing teacher and, really, not only goes above and beyond but she steps out of the box out of the classroom and just goes the extra mile for her students everyday.”

Brooks Elementary School is part of Lauderdale County Schools.

“Everyday are fun days to come to work,” says Bowen. Her kids keep her going.

“I have awesome students every year and they make everyday enjoyable and awesome. So they are my far the biggest reason I enjoy my job,” says Bowen.

Despite the challenges of Covid-19, Brooks Elementary uses the virus as a learning opportunity.

“We are getting a lot more done with that small class size and has been a really great experience so far,” said Bowen.

Moody couldn’t be more excited. “It’s a teacher’s dream, Mr. Ben! It’s everything we have dreamed about as teachers. You can move and do so much. It’s a one on one experience.”

Bowen offered some advice for fellow teachers during this challenging time. “You be safe and teach and have fun all at the same time. And there is a balance we all have to find and do what is comfortable for each one of us.”

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