Hartselle High’s Tamisha Key wins $319 for her classroom

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – This Morgan County teacher shows her students the key to being kind.

That’s Tamisha Key, she teaches 9th and 10th grade English at Hartselle High School.

Assistant Principal Pat Smith speaks very highly of Tamisha Key. 

He says that she has a certain way of teaching. 

“For a lot of kids it makes that light bulb come on in that learning environment helping them to learn to succeed.” said Smith.

He says her classroom is always having fun. 

“It’s a lot of fun to go in and watch it happen.” said Smith.

Mrs. Key was thrilled to win $319 for her classroom. 

“Disbelief. I never expected anything like this. It means a lot to coming from a student. Because I am doing what I sought to do which was impact kids.” said Key.

Key was moved to tears when she learned one of her own students felt her impact. 

“It means that I touched at least one child.” said Key.

And that was Jayla Milligan.

“Which teacher is my favorite? I like Mrs. Key, because everyday when I walk in and she is like she always greets me she is so nice and I feel like I can share anything with her.” said Milligan.

For Mrs. Key, the feeling is mutual.

“She is a very special young lady. She came in first day ready to learn and is very energetic about her classroom, but she is also a very caring student.” said Key. 

These two definitely match.

“She is dear to my heart and I love her so much.” said Milligan.

“I am going to cry again.” said Key.


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