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FORT PAYNE, Ala. – Cheri Williams is always cooking up something at Fort Payne High School.

Principal Brian Jett describes her as “well organized and high energy.”

What’s her specialty? She teaches hospitality and tourism, Culinary 1, and Culinary 2.

“She has been a really good spotlight for our school system an ambassador for our school system. I can’t tell you in words what she means for us because she goes above and beyond.”

Somehow, Jett just ends up in the culinary department every so often as part of his observations.

The person who wrote in and nominated Williams called her “the sweetest, kindest, most passionate person at Fort Payne High School.”

Williams couldn’t believe it when she found out she won.

“Oh wow! I love my job and love my kids and I love Fort Payne High School,” she exclaimed.

And this place is impressive – a wonderful facility helping her future chefs succeed.

In the kitchen, she wants her students to remember this.

Confidence – because sometimes cooking can be intimidating. If it’s crème Brule or as something simple as a soup for their family they have the confidence to tackle anything.”

One student, Briahna Lawson, said the skills she’s learning in the FPHS culinary classes allow her to help around the home.

“My mom trusts me to actually cut stuff with knives; actually cook without leaning over her shoulder the whole time,” she said.

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