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FLORENCE, Ala. – The Tools for Teachers award came just in time to help reward one special teacher in Florence. “I wish there was a way we could recognize her; to get her some type of flower for what it is she is doing,” said Principal Roderick Sheppard.

And there is! Congratulations to Florence High School’s Karen Sammons! She is this week’s Tools For Teachers winner. She teaches English 12, but that’s not all. She’s also the first virtual teacher that Florence High School has had in their in-school setting.

Karen Sammons teaches at Florence High School

Perfect timing in this pandemic.

“She has become a valuable resource here at Florence High School to be able to help teachers that are now having to do virtual and remote teaching to students to be able to serve them here,” said Sheppard.

Mrs. Sammons takes the lead expanding the virtual footprint at Florence High School.

“Before, there were only four of us that worked in the virtual program now I think I have 36 on my virtual teacher email list,” Said Sammons. “It’s grown a lot.”

And it’s full steam ahead getting her seniors ready for college. “Weekly assignments, due dates, learning time management, learning to communicate with the teacher. At Florence we are a little bit ahead of the game because we have teachers that have already been living in this virtual world,” said Sammons. 

Speaking of game, Mrs. Sammons has it.

“I went to high school at Mars Hill and I started off my college career at the University of Kentucky and I played point guard. I played two years there and transferred to Libscomb and I graduated from there.”

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