Daughter’s nomination wins Sylvania’s Tammy Dixon $319 for her classroom

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala – One Sylvania High School teacher got nominated for Tools for Teachers by somebody who knows her best – her daughter.

Tammy Dixon teaches first-grade language arts at the school and Assistant Principal Heather Brown said she’s one of their best – respected by both students and parents.

“Parents and students think very highly of Mrs. Dixon and we are very blessed to have her here at SHS. Mrs. Dixon is always smiling she is eager to greet her students and she is just a very positive person around our campus.”

Mrs. Dixon was grateful and said she was “honored” for the recognition, but it became even more special when she found out who nominated her: Her daughter Brooklyn Hicks.

“That’s my daughter – that’s special to me. I have taken a lot of time from her through the years and my son to do for my children here,” said Dixon.

Even during a medical setback, it was all about her kids.

“I was devastated. For one thing, I had to leave my babies as long as I did. I worried about them every day and couldn’t wait to get back with them.”

She learned one important piece of wisdom during her time in the hospital: “Never let a day go by without telling the people you love you love them.”

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