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Tina Wright (left) wrote in! Annie Conwell (right) is this week’s winner.

GRANT, Ala. – This week’s winner is DAR Elementary’s Annie Conwell.

“She works very hard and diligently to bring all of that knowledge that she has,” said Principal Tenna Aderton.  

“She is always working on professional development to help her grow as a teacher.” And she’s also known for helping fellow educators excel.

That prompted Tina Wright to submit Mrs. Conwell’s nomination.

For Mrs. Conwell, “This school has a special place in my heart I was born and raised in the community. I am graduate of DAR as were my dad and my grandparents so it’s very special to me.” Said Conwell.

Mrs. Conwell doesn’t want to be anywhere else. “I enjoy my job, I love it. I have a passion for it.”

In the nomination, Wright credits Mrs. Conwell for her growth and success.

“She really didn’t need my help she is fantastic. She already had the gift for it so I really didn’t have too do much in that area for her she had a natural talent,” said Conwell.

For her students, “I want them to enjoy coming to school everyday. I want them to get glad to see me. I want them to do well and meet their needs wherever they are. I want them to know someone cares about them each day especially with everything going on right now.”

On Mrs. Wright’s nomination, “I appreciate her thinking of me especially coming from someone as talented as she is as a teacher so I appreciate it. Very kind.”

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By the way, if Mrs. Wright looks familiar, it’s because it’s not the first time we’ve heard from her. Her nomination made Mrs. Childress’ final year at Claysville a special one in 2019.