Cancer Survivor LaToya Baker Wins $319 For Her Classroom At Rolling Hills Elementary School

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – This Madison County teacher says teaching is her second chance at life. 

That teacher is LaToya Baker. She teaches first grade at Rolling Hills Elementary in Huntsville.

The principal says she is one of the best they have. 

“She is probably one of the best teachers we have on staff. Very phenomenal in everything that she does and she puts a lot of hard work and time into her craft.” said Principal Kellen Conaway.

They say her teaching methods show her care for the kids. 

“She really cares about each one of her students” said Conaway.

Baker’s life took a turn but that didn’t stop her from powering forward. 

Nearly three years ago, Mrs. Baker’s life took a turn, receiving news no one wants to hear.

LaToya Baker’s Story:

“I had triple negative breast cancer I got diagnosed the second day of school on August 3, 2017. It was just life changing. I found my lump right before school started. The type I had was so aggressive they had to start treatment immediately. Lost all my hair, but it’s growing now.”

Through Mrs. Baker’s toughest time, her family and friends never left, always by her side, including fellow teachers.

You’ll never guess who wrote in.

Her biggest supporter, her husband. 

“He is my rock. I couldn’t have gone through the whole cancer journey without my husband and my Mom. They were there for every bit of it.” said Baker.

Fast forward to today, “I am completely enjoying life now and I don’t take anything for granted. I am not stressed like I was.” said Baker.

Her friends asked, “Why are you smiling?” I got a second chance at life and I am just enjoying it.” said Baker.

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