Cami Coker wins $319 for her class at Horizon Elementary

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – “She is one of our great teachers in the kindergarten area.” said Principal Rodney Richardson.

Principal Richardson talks very fondly about Cami Coker and her ability to teach. You can find her at Horizon Elementary in Madison, Alabama.

“She is very animated when it comes to getting kids to make a connection to the book she is reading in her classroom as well.”

“She puts students first and her passion for learning I think she definitely going to be shocked.” said Richardson.

In winning $319, that she was.

And talking to Mrs. Coker, she still couldn’t believe it!

“I am so shocked, I am sorry!” said Coker.

Mrs. Coker prepares these youngsters for what’s ahead, every day.

“They are our future engineers they are our future scientists. I help them realize they can do anything they want to do. Give them confidence. If you have confidence you can do anything.”

Tell us about a public school teacher you feel deserves recognition. Send us your nomination today! Honorees will receive $319 for their classroom. Nominees must teach in K-12 public schools in the WHNT News 19 viewing area.


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