Caldwell Elementary’s Bandy Staton goes above and beyond for her students

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – There’s one teacher at Caldwell Elementary School in Scottsboro who goes above and beyond.

Principal Corky Hood said Bandy Staton fits the mold.

“Mrs. Staton loves her students. She is very much engaged in what they are doing every day,” she said.

Staton teaches first grade and she said it’s all about the students.

“You come in and the kids are excited to be here and they are excited about learning,” said Staton. “We have fun while we are learning.”

According to Staton, her students understand the importance of getting an education – especially reading.

“My kids tried to come up with any kind of job that you didn’t have to use reading to do and we couldn’t come up with anything,” she explained.

A parent wrote in because her nephew was in a car accident last year, and Staton came to the rescue at a time where he needed her the most.

“He bounced back and came to school and you would have never known that anything had happened,” she said.

Staton sacrificed her time and energy to help another and it’s something she’ll never forget.

“He will always be special in my heart,” said Staton.

She appreciates the recognition.

“For them to do this is even extra. I appreciate their acknowledging that time we spent together.”

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