Brittany Leathers wins $319 for her classroom at New Bethel Elementary

Tools for Teachers

COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. – Tuscumbia is home to a teacher who is nothing short of super!

That teacher is Brittany Leathers. She teaches first grade at New Bethel Elementary and is the recipient of $319 for this week’s Tools for Teacher.

A grandparent nominated Mrs. Leathers for the award.

Brittany Leathers, Tools for Teacher

“She brings a lot of energy,”  said Principal Nathan Fuller.

Mrs. Leathers continues the tradition of excellence at New Bethel that extends back over a century.


The principal says that she treats her classroom like superheroes every day and brings a lot of support to the classroom.

“This school has been here now going on the 105th year. It’s been here a really long time. The secret about this place is out and the thing that has made it so special and makes it last 105 years is the parental and community support.” said Fuller.

Mrs. Leathers wants to empower her students to be the best they can be.

“First graders can do hard things. First graders can do these things. I try to empower them. We talk about super powers and everyone has a superpower inside of them,” said Leathers.

Mrs. Leathers was thrilled to receive the $319 for her students.

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