Art teacher Jennie Roles-Walter wins $319 for her classroom

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LINCOLN COUNTY, TN – This Tennessee Valley teacher treats every day in the classroom like its a work of art.

Say ‘hi’ to Jennie Roles-Walter, she teaches Art at Lincoln County High School.

Her fellow faculty members say she does an excellent job and is from the area. 

“She was born and raised in Fayetteville. She has lived here all her entire life. She has a very good reputation and does a tremendous job,” said Assistant Principal Jeff Bell.

Jennie says that she is doing the Lord’s will by teaching.

“Years ago before I started teaching I prayed about what I was supposed to do and the Lord let me to do this so it is very gratifying knowing that I’m doing his will and his work in the classroom,” said Roles-Walter.

It was easy to see the talent in Mrs. Roles-Walter’s class.

Her artistic talent is spread all around the city of Fayetteville.

“It’s a win and win! It teaches to invest in the community and improves the way our community looks to people that come and visit,” said Roles-Walter.

This mural can be found at the rec center.

“We had several Lincoln County students that came out and helped on that,” said Roles-Walter,

Lincoln County highs school senior Emma Womble helped with the project.

“It’s definitely one of my favorite ones we’ve done by far. It’s always been something fun for me to do,” said Womble.

Mrs. Roles-Walter wants her students to understand the importance of giving back.

“I like to do a lot of community art and it teaches students to sow into their community and give back which is really important.”

Mrs. Roles-Walter was thrilled to win $319 to buy art supplies for her classroom.

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