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ARDMORE, Ala. – One Ardmore teacher’s love of history is opening his student’s eyes to the world.  

That’s Hunter Cox. He teaches middle school history and fellow faculty members say he’s a top-notch educator. 

The principal and fellow teachers were thrilled to hear that Cox won $319 for his class. 

“When I said I was going to meet with the news, the nominator said, ‘did he win?’; I said I don’t know, we have to wait until we see it on the news,” said Principal Glenn Bryant.

The principal had nothing but praise for Cox. 

Hunter Cox – 6th Grade History (Picture courtesy of Ardmore High School)

“He is a phenomenal middle school history teacher. He is that teacher every parent wishes their kid could have year after year after year. He is a high energy teacher, he has high expectations for both himself and his classes. He is a high moral character fellow,” said Bryant.

The teachers say there’s something special about Cox. 

“He is a great moral guy, the guy you want teaching your kids,” said Whitney McLaughlin. 

McLaughlin nominated Coach Cox for the Tools For Teachers Award.

“You walk into his room and feel it. It’s a bell to bell excitement and joy,” said McLaughlin.

Whitney McLaughlin nominated Coach Cox (Photo Courtesy of Elkmont High School)

“It’s a fun job and a fun place to be. It’s not like a trip to Six Flags or Disney World but it’s about as much fun we can have in class,” said Cox.

Cox enjoys teaching life lessons to his students. 

“They are learning life lessons and learning about difference cultures around the world,” said. 

Cox wants his kids to understand there’s plenty to explore.

“Beyond Ardmore and North Alabama there is another world out there. People live differently. Not everyone is like you and people have lived different ways yet even if you go thousands of years they are still people and we can learn something from that,” said Cox.

Cox was happy to receive the award money. 

“It’s really cool. I work with good people that I like and care so much about,” said Cox. 

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