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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – “She is one of the those all-American down to earth ladies,” said Principal Tara Morrow.

This week’s winner is Emily Alred. She’s Danville-Neel Elementary School’s 3rd grade virtual teacher.

“Joy shines through her each day,” said Morrow. “She is a light to everyone around her.”

Morrow pointed out that Alred has a unique style. “She loves everyone. She has painted her face and she has dressed up.”

Mrs. Alred was exciting for the recognition. “I am fighting back tears at the moment and I not a crier,” said Alred.

A childhood friend wrote in. Here is what she said:

You have a strong faith in love. She shows Godly love and compassion in her work.

Mrs. Alred lost her daughter in 2019, but her faith remained strong. “I rely on God for everything because he has bought me through the worst of it and it also tell me to have compassion…to know that these kids are going through so much more that I could even imagine,” said Alred.

A bright light for all, smiling, teaching, doing what she loves. “If you make learning fun, and engage them, they learn and they don’t even realize they are learning.’

Even if it requires antlers and a sock!

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