Amie Hope wins $319 for her ‘Village’ at Highlands Elementary in Huntsville

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – This Huntsville City School teacher shows the value of teamwork.

That teacher is Amie Hope. Mrs. Amie teaches Third Grade at Highlands Elementary School in Huntsville.

The principal says that there are many deserving teachers at Highlands and isn’t surprised Hope was nominated.

Amie Hope teaches third grade at Highlands Elementary in Huntsville.

“I said which one, which teacher,” said Principal Hovet Dixon.

The principal says that Hope shows the value of working together to make a difference.

“She has built a village inside of our village, we are very team-oriented here. She is a doer.  She is always upbeat. She comes to work and makes a difference,” said Dixon.

Amie was very grateful to win $319 for her class at Highlands.

She says that her students are her first thought every morning.

“My kids are my life. I wake up in the morning and they are my first thought I can’t wait to get here and see them,” said Amie Hope.

And her students feel the same way.

“I have almost 100% attendance almost every day and that tells me they want to be here,” said Hope.

Mrs. Hope is excited for what’s ahead for her 3rd graders.

“I want them to grow up is as successful as they could possibly be.”

Mrs. Hope was extremely thankful for the recognition.

“There is somebody out there who knows how much I love their child because I love them as I love my own so I just want to say thank you,” said Hope.

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