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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Many kids enjoy the hours spent playing freeze tag on the playground, but for some children with disabilities, the playground may not be safe.

The Maker’s Child, a non-profit organization for parents and children with special needs, is looking to change that.

They have partnered with Albertville First Baptist Church to build an all-inclusive playground for all children to play.

“Not just a wheelchair but your gate trainers to move freely on a playground you need a very smooth surface,” The Maker’s Child Director Holly Willoughby said when asked what an all-inclusive jungle gym looks like.

“You also need cushion in case you have some falls so that’s also included in the cost of this playground but beyond that all of the ramps are wide enough to accommodate an ADA compliant and then all of the equipment is to the height and specifications and also special equipment that would allow for that are needed to allow them to have a great place to play,” Willoughby added.

Now, this is a half-a-million-dollar project with estimates reaching $530,000.

“It’s a big number but we believe these kids are worth it,” Willoughby said.

The Maker’s Child holds respite nights where parents can take a break and allow their children with special needs to enjoy the company of other children in a fun, safe and environment with multiple volunteers present.

And this playground will be a new outlet for that fun.

Mark York, father of Jake York, has enjoyed many of these respite nights and is excited for the new plans in store.

“We saw those plans yesterday as they were announced, and that’s a phenomenal thing,” York said, “And the fact that they already have money towards that big pot of money that’s fantastic!”

There will be many future plans and events to raise money for the new play place, if you would like to donate, you can visit their website here.