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ATHENS, Ala. – A baby and children’s boutique is offering customers a few bucks off their purchases in exchange for diaper and wipe donations for The Great Diaper Drive 2021.

Melissa Anderson says she and her husband have owned Toodlebugs on Market Street for about ten years and they’re passionate about giving back to their community.

“We like to share the blessings we’ve received,” Anderson said.

So her store is offering 10% off a purchase in exchange for any amount of diapers for the duration of the drive.

“And with Christmas coming up, we’ve got some new toys in that are pretty awesome,” Anderson said. “So this might be a great opportunity for you to start your early Christmas shopping and help the community out at the same time.”

Anderson says participating in this year’s diaper drive was a no-brainer.

“Diapers, if you have children, you know how expensive they can be,” Anderson said. “The diaper drive is special to me because it helps children, which of course is a passion of mine.”

Being a parent herself, she knows how pricey diapers can be.

“I think the average cost for diapers for one year for any family is $1000 per child. Even for families that aren’t struggling financially, that can be a hardship. But for families that are struggling this is a great way to help them,” said Anderson.

Toodlebugs is located at 107 East Market Street. Other donation drop-off locations can be found here.

Learn about the Great Diaper Drive here. All donations collected through November 7th will be distributed through the diaper bank at the Food Bank of North Alabama.

We encourage businesses, churches, schools, organizations, and the general public to get involved in this year’s Great Diaper Drive. Learn ways to get involved here.