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MADISON, Ala. — One in three families struggles to afford enough diapers for their little ones. and North Alabama is no exception. The demand for diapers increased about 70% this year alone, according to the National Diaper Bank Network.

Because of the huge need, News 19 is taking action to help our neighbors and local businesses are joining us, including Tam’s Natural Solution in Madison.

“We decided that because we heard about the cause and we know that children are our future and we want to make sure they are taken care of in our community,” said Tamara Bozeman, owner of Natural Solution. In exchange for donations, she is offering a free gift or $20 dollars off a hair appointment.

As a mother herself, Bozeman knows the importance of having plenty of diapers in stock.

“During that time, it’s very expensive,” she said. “You need all the help you can get so it’s very important for us to donate because you never know what people are going through.”

The Crisis Center of North Alabama says diapers are the number one request they see from mothers or families fleeing a crisis. Because of this, Bozeman is hoping to collect a car full of diapers. In only four days, she’s collected dozens of packs so far.

She says the salon has received responses from people inside and outside the Madison community.

Some people are donating via Cashapp, and Bozeman is purchasing the diapers for them: “If you don’t want to do the shopping, we’ll do it for you!”

She’s willing to go above and beyond to help those who need it most.

“When you help someone else, you never know how that changes people’s lives,” said Bozeman. “I’m here today because people helped me get through hard times so you want to make sure you’re doing that for your community.”

If you would like to come alongside us and help collect diapers for the littlest ones in the Tennessee Valley, you too can host your own Diaper Drive. Ideas of how to get involved can be found here.

Other participating drop-off locations can be found here.