How struggling to afford diapers can be costly in more than one way

The Great Diaper Drive
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – No one knows just how important diapers and wipes are more than new parents, and both can easily run 100 dollars per month per child.

But for those families who struggle to make ends meet, there’s sometimes a choice between keeping their babies in diapers, feeding their families, or paying other bills.

For many new parents, a new baby coming into their lives means gender reveals, baby showers, and nesting. But for one in three new mothers, they struggle with a very basic need, having enough clean diapers.

“I think the anxiety of not being able to provide diapers comes, not when the baby is born, but when they first find out they’re pregnant,” said Crestwood Labor and Delivery Nurse Katie Parkes.

Experts estimate that a baby will go through between 2,500 to 3,000 diapers in their first year alone.

“That anxiety is carried through their pregnancy, worrying and struggling to try to save enough money,” said Parkes.

According to research published in the medical journal Obstetric Medicine, mothers with high prenatal stress are more at risk for preterm labor, low infant birth weight, pre-eclampsia,  and gestational diabetes.

Keeping babies and their mothers healthy… that’s one of the powers a clean diaper has.

It one of the reasons WHNT News 19 and our partners at Crestwood Maternity Center are fighting back during our annual Great Diaper Drive.

“When a family is able to have diapers donated to them, it’s such a huge relief. It’s one less thing they’re having to worry about,” said Parkes.

We’re working to stock the diaper bank at the Food Bank of North Alabama to keep mothers and babies healthy, get parents back to work, and prevent child abuse.

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