GREAT DIAPER DRIVE: The power of a diaper

The Great Diaper Drive
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They may be small, but diapers are mighty.  Any family facing financial hardship, even just a rough patch, means affording diapers can be a huge burden.

Yet, babies can’t thrive without them. That’s why the Great Diaper Drive is so important, every contribution makes a huge difference.

“Diapers definitely are a superpower, they really make sure kids can be healthy. It makes sure parents are able to go to work in this economy, it can even cut down on any incidents for any kind of abuse or things like that with a fussy baby,” said Food Bank of North Alabama executive director Shirley Schofield.

Think of the mere fact that babies go through 7-12 diapers a day.

“That can lead up to 70-80 dollars just in one month to pay for diapers,” said Schofield. “That’s a lot of money just to go for one item. If they don’t have enough diapers, then they don’t have enough to take them to daycare and a parent would have to stay home with them instead.”

And while mom and dad are missing the money, the baby is getting sick.

“Think of it as you not having a clean place to use the bathroom,” explained Crestwood Labor and Delivery nurse Katie Parkes. “That’s what it boils down to. You as an adult, you don’t have a clean toilet to go to. You don’t have toilet paper or those necessities and imagine how it would feel to feel dirty like that and unclean, now imagine that with a helpless baby who has to sit in its own filth. That’s why it’s so vital.”

Infections, rashes, this all can lead to a series of bigger issues. Not to mention, that sweet little face covered in tears from helpless discomfort.

That’s why it’s important and that’s why we need your help. Every diaper, every wipe, every bit of money donated will go to the Food Bank of North Alabama’s diaper bank and stay in north Alabama communities.

You can help by donating online or by making your donation directly at one of the drop-off locations across the Tennessee Valley.

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