GREAT DIAPER DRIVE: Diapers and wipes are needed for struggling families

The Great Diaper Drive
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The average baby goes through multiple diapers a day and that can be quite the expense for families in need. Local nonprofits see that desperation here locally.

But that’s where you come in; with just a little effort you can make a huge impact.

“It only takes a couple of dollars out of your wallet to provide a family an awesome need,” said Crestwood Maternity Center labor and delivery nurse Katie Parkes.

One of the most exciting ways to support the 2019 Great Diaper Drive is to host your own “diaper shower” at home, at work, at church, or among your friends. Here are a couple of super cool ideas for making that happen, as well as a downloadable kit to host your own diaper drive.

“One of the things we try to do through the diaper drive is get enough diapers to last through the whole year,” explained Food Bank of North Alabama executive director Shirley Schofield. “We don’t get a lot of donations throughout the year so we really do rely on this one-day event, really throughout the whole month to make sure we’re stocked up for the rest of the year.”

Despite collecting more than 300,000 diapers and wipes last year, the Food Bank only has one box of diapers left. That’s how real the need is, right here in the Tennessee Valley.

“We know about 70% of the people that we serve have to make a choice between medicine and food, [just imagine] if you add in diapers as well,” said Schofield. “Its a much better community if we can have these diapers available to them.”

“Maybe those diapers may only last a week or two, but that makes such a huge difference because stress levels in moms, babies can pick up on,” said Parkes. “Removing part of that stress is such a relief to those parents.

For two weeks, starting October 7, there will be bins placed at various locations across the Tennessee Valley, just waiting for your donations of diapers and wipes to help families in need. Find the list of drop-off locations here.

The Food Bank of North Alabama has also set up an online donation portal where you can make a secure monetary donation.

The money will be used to purchase diapers and wipes at a great price!

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