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Get behind The Great Diaper Drive by hosting a diaper shower. It’s fairly easy and can be lots of fun.

There are several ways to get involved. Having a Trunk or Treat or a Fall Festival? Put out a bin! Challenge your coworkers and friends!

You can drop your donations in the diaper drive bins found in every Walmart store in north Alabama, or at the list of drop off points listed here.

Say hello to News 19 anchor Shevaun Bryan at the Walmart on Madison Boulevard as she personally receives your donations all day on Blitz Day, November 4th!

The Walmart stores also have ready-made diaper bags you can pick up and donate the next time you go shopping.

Or, even easier, just text “Diaper” to 256-559-3299 and the donations go to purchase diapers. The diapers will then arrive at our local diaper bank.

Every single diaper collected goes to local babies right here in our community.


Don’t be a stinker and keep your drive a secret! Tell us about your efforts and share the story with pictures. Email them to or post to social media with the hashtag #19Diaper.

1) If you’re doing it at work get permission from your boss first! Share the information with your coworkers.

2) Make sure you have collection box or boxes set out for donations! It’s best when they’re decorated with bright colors.

3) Set goals! Let your friends or coworkers know how the drive’s going. Take pictures and issue challenges.

4) Drop off your donations at The Great Diaper Drive Blitz Drive November 4th anytime between 5:00AM and 6:30PM at any of our drive locations.

Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing:


Community center
Bunko group
Block party
Facebook group
Tailgate party


-Can you collect your boss/teacher/coach’s weight in diapers?
-Collect your height in diapers
-Fill the copier room, a coworker’s workspace, or the minivan with diapers
-Promise to wear a diaper (preferably clean) on your head if your coworkers, students, friends, neighbors collect X amount of diapers.


Host a bake sale with diaper-themed baked goods.   Or, instead of a lemonade stand, set up a changing table stand and collect diapers from your neighbors.


Tell your friends and family you’re collecting diapers for the Great Diaper Drive! Challenge them to donate to your drive!


-Put the Diaper on the Baby – think “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”
-Play Jenga with diapers
-Scavenger hunt for baby supplies
-There are all sorts of fun websites dedicated to baby shower games. Just “Google” diaper shower games.