Food Bank of North Alabama assists agencies with diaper inventory, those agencies help parents and caregivers

The Great Diaper Drive
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - WHNT News 19 is in the midst of the Great Diaper Drive in hopes of helping all the babies we can. To do that, it is important for families to know where they can pick up those diapers.

"It's sad that there are a lot of community members that don't have the funds to buy clean diapers," Interim Executive Director Shirley Schofield said.

It is the heartbreaking truth in our community, too many families cannot afford diapers.

"Not only does it impact the baby directly, but if a parent is struggling to make ends meet, if a child is sick, they're going to miss work as well," Schofield said. "They're also trying to make sure there's enough food as well and sometimes the price of diapers can really impact the family."

Fortunately, the Food Bank of North Alabama knows some people who can help; they work with 240 partners in our community. Those partnerships will allow the food bank to offer disposable diapers and wipes from its newly established "Diaper Bank" all across the Tennessee Valley. Parents looking for diapers shouldn't come to the food bank directly though. Instead, parents should ask non-profits operating in their town to make requests of the "Diaper Bank."

 "We're really not equipped for the general public to come up looking for diapers," Schofield said. "We really work with people who are on the ground, in the community."

For community members, calling 211 can cover your questions so you can cover your children.

You can find more information about the annual Great Diaper Drive by clicking here.