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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — When families leave a desperate situation, sometimes they leave with just the clothes on their backs. Crisis centers are there to provide resources, like diapers, to those in need.

Hispanic outreach advocate with the Crisis Center of North Alabama, Veronica Carney, told News 19 that diapers are the number one request they see from mothers or families fleeing a crisis.

“They’re leaving a very desperate situation and they’re afraid… I think just one of the most important things they need that is not food, but very essential, are the diapers for their children,” Carney said.

The Crisis Center of North Alabama serves people across the area who desperately need help, mainly women and young children.

It is important that the center stays stocked up so they are able to take that pressure off families and mothers.

Carney says many of the people seeking help struggle with hesitation, whether that be fear or pride. Some people don’t know where or who to turn to, with confidence.

The crisis center provides safe places to sleep, clothes, food, and especially diapers. They also help those that need it to get court-ordered protection against abusers.

“They have to worry about money or paying, any of that stuff. Let’s get you on your feet and let’s look for other resources to help you,” Carney said.

Community help plays a major role when it comes to making their services possible. They depend on donations from the community.

Carney says anything is helpful when it comes to donations and while diapers aren’t usually at the top of the donation lists, she says it’s having that simple need that’s number one in making the process of getting back on their feet, that much easier.

If you would like to help families across the Tennessee Valley, you can participate in the Great Diaper Drive. There are drop-off locations at all Walmart locations across North Alabama.

You can also text “DIAPER” to 256-559-3299 to donate or just scan the QR code above.